Still on our way…
The Tramp Theatre shall:

- create and deliver high artistic quality through interdisciplinary processes. 
- cooperate with the best professionals and collaborators. 
- succeed internationally, with base in local, regional and national work. 


Hanne Brincker and Ketil Kolstad met at theatre school in Bergen, Norway, in 1995. Ketil fell for Hanne in a stage fight in fencing class. Hanne fell a bit later, and they became an item.

After completing an education in acting, they moved to the eastern parts of the country, where they established The Tramp Theatre. They were given a federal start-up grant in 1998. The theatre produced mainly for young audiences, and they also created "tailor-made" theatre concepts on commission from the government, organization and businesses. The Tramp Theatre toured the country for several years, until their mini van capsized in an underwater tunnel on the North-Westcoast (but that`s another story.) 

In the early 2000nds, they had children and settled in a rural district outside Oslo. Their careers somehow changed direction; they got more involved in directing, producing and managing, and got versatile experience from doing both smaller and larger stage productions. They were involved in establishing an artist center where they worked interdisciplinary, creating new productions.     

In 2009, they felt restless and decided to take their children out of school and kindergarten in order to take a protracted study trip to Berlin and Vienna. The restlessness ended with a move closer to Oslo, where they only stayed for a year...    

In 2011, The Tramp Theatre was temporarily paused, as they both took positions at the regional theatre of Nord-Trøndelag, Hanne as actor/director, and Ketil as the artistic director/gm. After four years of hard work and terrific results, they decided to move to their current home in Kongsberg.

Since 2015 the couple has been focusing on developing their network and skills. They have studied, and through assignments in Norway, Denmark and USA they have explored how to incorporate certain principles of acting techniques into playwrighting and directing. Ketil worked for two years as general manager of ASSITEJ Norway, while Hanne is currently general manager of Buskerud Theatre. They nurse a big and growing network of colleagues around the world. 

In 2020, Hanne and Ketil relaunched their joint artistic project under the name of The Tramp Theatre. Because we`re still on our way.


(born 12 March 1973 in Skien) is a Norwegian actor, director and producer. 

She established The Tramp Theatre in 1998, and she was the artistic director and general manager of the independent company which toured the country until 2011. The theatre "tailor-made" concepts on commission from collaborators such as the government`s Children`s Hearing -98, The Norwegian Mining Museum and Hadeland Glassworks, as well as producing theatre for young audiences. 

2011-2015 she was employed as actor and director at the regional theatre of Nord-Trøndelag. As actor, she did productions such as Let the Right One In, Stories from Tchernobyl, Tonje Glimmerdal and Findus and the Christmas Tomte. Since 2013, she has been collaborating with world-famous rock gitarist Ronni Le Tekrø in the performance Karens Jul by Amalie Skram. She has also done short movies, TV commercials and worked as voice actor in several series in national television. In 1998 she acted in the German-Norwegian TV-movie Edvard Grieg - Prize immortality?

For Nord-Trøndelag Theatre she directed among other shows The 33 Steps and the Mystery of Irma Vep, as well as three episodes of Rebella Hex in Namsskogan Family Park. Brincker has also directed several bigger musical theatre productions, such as West Side Story, Grease and Annie. In 2016, she directed The Blue Time, a collaboration between Teaterhuset Filuren and Syddjurs Egnsteater in Denmark. In 2017, she again directed for these two theatres in the production of Heartedness, which was included in the official program of Aarhus - European Capitol of Culture.   

Since 2015, she has together with her husband Ketil Kolstad written the book of the family musical The Time of Nick. Abraham Tetenbaum writes the lyrics and Tor Ingar Jakobsen is the composer. The musical has been developed through workshops on Broadway and in Oslo, and will be fimatized in NYC in 2021.

Hanne Brincker is the general manager of Buskerud Theatre.

Brincker was granted the artist scholarship of Oppland County in 2009, and the Government`s artist scholarship in 2010.


(born 21 January 1975 in Gjøvik) is a Norwegian actor, playwright and promotor of reading and literature.

He was the general manager of ASSITEJ Norway 2018-2020, which included being the festival director of the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019 in Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall, Kristiansand. He was the artistic director of Nord-Trøndelag Theatre 2011-2015, and before that he was the general manager of the Association !READ 2007-2011.

Kolstad is educated as an actor within Stanislavki`s system at Bergen Theatre school, and he completed his studies in creative writing at the Norwegian Institute for Children`s Books in 2017. He has been working as a perfomer since 1997, the first years constantly on tour for The Tramp Theatre, which he run together with his wife Hanne Brincker.   

Kolstad has written orginal plays (among them Christmas at spooky risk), he has dramatized books (such as Findus and the Christmas Tomte) and he has translated plays to Norwegians (such as the Broadway success The 39 Steps and Let the Right One In). All of the mentioned shows have been produced by Norwegian regional theatres, and he has also written, directed and played for independent companies and private theatres. 

Since 2015, he has been working with Hanne Brincker, Abraham Tetenbaum and Tor Ingar Jakobsen on the family musical The Time of Nick  through workshops on Broadway and in Oslo. The show will be filmatized in NYC in 2021.  Ketil Kolstad is also currently writing on a new version of his own play The Witch Hunt which will open in Denmark in August 2021, and on the play Cutting Land which will premiere for Nordland Theatre in 2022.

Kolstad was 2011-2015 member of the Ministry of Culture`s jury for the Government`s awards for the best children`s and young people`s literature. He was also jury member for another children`s book literary award 2009-2010.

Kolstad has been granted the artist scholarship of Oppland County, the Government`s start-up grant and Alf Mjøen`s scholarship for talented youth.