The Time of Nick

The awkward teenager Nick is born by the North Wind and raised at the Elfanage. He finds his destiny with the help of a courageous little girl and a sack full of elfish magic, and becomes... Santa Claus! Musical theatre for the entire family, soon to open in the US! 
Reading in Philadelphia August 14.

Cutting Land

Research concludes that war traumas can be passed on from one generation to the next. Named after an old children`s game, `Cutting Land` explores the traumas caused by the Majavatn affair in 1942. The story is told through the voice of the Sami reindeer herder Gustav Kappfjell.     
PREMIERE  Nordland Theatre November 4, 2022.

85 Million Narcissists in the World - and Everyone Comes to ME!

A show about the absurd connection between the narcissist and her co-dependent victims. With Elisabet Sevholt and Hanne Brincker. Director: Ketil Kolstad.

PREMIERE MAY 12, 2022.

On tour in Sweden November 2022/Spring 2023.