The Time of Nick

The awkward teenager NIck is born by the North Wind and raised in the Elfanage. He finds his destiny with the help of a courageous little girl and a sack full of elfish magic, and becomes... Santa Claus!
Musical theatre for the entire family, soon to open in the US! 

Who said what?

For many years, Helene Uri has been fascinated by language and gender. Do women and men talk differently? On stage she`s joined by Ketil Kolstad, and together they`ve created a show in the mix between a non-fictional lecture and performance.  Touring schools in Feb-March, Opening night Oslo, 14 Sept. -21

The Day that Vanished

"I write about the necessity of dreaming, about the strength of fantasy and the ability to create. The Dream is a strong driving force. All action starts with a dream and a vision." Tormod Haugen
Cross-over between theatre and literature. On tour in the Cultural Rucksack.

The Witch Hunt

"There are many stories about Death. This story is completely true, may I be punished by God if I lie!". Theatre about the Danish witch hunter Jørgen Arenfeldt made in two versions:
- outdoor performance 2020.
- total theatre performance at Møllerup Gods 2021.

The Bronze Rams

In the spring of 1924, 11 year-old Ragna Berg discovers a big treisure from the bronze age in the field at Hadeland, among other things two bronze rams. Join Ragna in her travel back in time!
The show will open outdoors at Hadeland Folkemuseum in August 2021.

Will you come tonight?

This is the Norwegian writer Alf Prøysen at his best, with his sharp observations, comedy and romance. To find true love, is not an an easy thing. Cabaret for three solists.
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