Composer and musician Tor Ingar Jakobsen and theatre artists Hanne Brincker and Ketil Kolstad have been collaborating for many years, creating projects ranging from big musical productions to theatre for young audiences. Their joint efforts have taken them all the way to New York.

Now they launch their artistic business under the name of Landstryker (The Tramp). 
Because we`re on our way! 

"The Time of Nick"

Philadelphia, US, 14. august 2022

"Who Said What?
- about women, men and language"

Will be performed at Bjørnsonfestivalen in Molde, September 8-9 2022.
On tour in November 2022 and February 2023.

"Cutting Land"

by Ketil Kolstad, directed by Hanne Brincker

World Premiere
at Nordland Theatre

November 4, 2022

"85 Million Narcissists in the World

- and Everyone Comes to ME!"

On tour in Sweden November 2022

"The Day That Disappeared"

by Tormod Haugen

On tour in schools January 2023