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The Tramp Theatre

On our way...

Hanne Brincker and Ketil Kolstad met at theatre school in Bergen, Norway, in 1995. Ketil fell for Hanne in a stage fight in fencing class. Hanne fell a bit later, and they became an item.

They`ve run the independent company The Tramp Theatre together, spending years on the road touring in an old mini van. A road that eventually took them all the way to Broadway.  

After some years working for other theatres, Hanne and Ketil are now relaunching their joint artistic project under the name of The Tramp Theatre. Because we`re still on our way!

The Time of Nick

You`ve never seen this Nick before!

After five years of writing and composing and doing workshops both on Broadway, NYC, and in Oslo, Norway, we`re almost there. The production was scheduled to open in LA in November 2020, but due to the Corona-situation, our producers are now instead planning for a Soundstage fimatization of the show in 2021. More news to come soon!  

Nick, an orphan carried by the North Wind and raised by exiled elves, finds true love, saves a village and thwarts the greedy Lord Steel. With help from a courageous little girl and a sack-full of elfish magic, the awkward teenager fulfills his destiny, becoming... Santa Claus!

Touring schools in Hedmark
weeks 6 and 11 in 2021

Edderkoppen Theater, Oslo
Tuesday 14. September

"Who said what?" - a lingvistic show about women and men.
By and with Helene Uri and Ketil Kolstad
The Opening night in Oslo has been moved from May 2021 `til September 2021 due to the Corona-situation.