We write original plays.
We dramatize fictional stories.
We translate (from English and Scandinavian).
We work as dramaturges and manuscript consultants.

Ketil is educated in creative writing at the Norwegian Children`s Books Institute, and his works have been staged at Turneteatret in Trøndelag, Teater Innlandet, Syddjurs Egnsteater/Teaterhuset Filuren and several productions for the Cultural Rucksack.
He is currently working on a new play for Nordland Teater. Hanne makes her debut as playwright, writing together with Ketil, Abraham Tetenbaum and Tor Ingar Jakobsen on the musical "The Time of Nick". The musical has been developed in workshops in Broadway and in Oslo, and will be filmatized in NYC in 2021. They have accumulated competence in musical theatre dramaturgy. Hanne and Ketil enjoy developing characters and dialogues in close cooperation with actors in rehearsal situations, where Hanne works as director, and Ketil as dramaturge/director`s assistant.  

"Spooky Christmas" is a wonderful and different Christmas story about expectations, belief, hope and love". 5 stars - Trønderavisa 


We direct stage productions.
We do both small and big productions, in a variety of genres.
We make theatre for children, teenagers and adults.
We teach acting at university level.

Both Hanne and Ketil are experienced directors with versatile backgrounds from Norway and Denmark. Hanne has immersed herself in the Chubbuck-technique, which has become an important tool in her toolkit. Ketil often takes use of his background as dancer when he directs. Hanne and Ketil often take on directing assignments together, where they se the development of dramatic text in connection with the directing concept. Hanne teaches in acting (text and character) at the University Nord.  

"The Blue Time" (Teaterhuset Filuren/Syddjurs Egnsteater DK)) was in 2017 appointed one of the 10 best productions for children and young people in Denmark by the daily newspaper Information.


We are artistic directors with organizational insight.
We program performing arts.
We are festival directors and event coordinators. 
We work as producers and production managers.
We manage projects.

Both Hanne and Ketil have long and versatile experience in management and production. This includes skills within organizing, staff management and economy. Both have achieved very good results. Hanne is currently general manager of Buskerud Theatre, and she has previously been general manager of The National Association of Theatre Friends. She has worked as producer for big outdoor productions such as Bronsebukkene and Sol av Isfolket, and she has been the event coordinator for the opening festival of the Glass Barn in Gran and for the jubilee events of Nes Church and the local Savings Bank. Ketil has been the artistic director of Nord-Trøndelag Teater, the general manager of the Association !READ and the general manager of ASSITEJ Norway and the festival director of ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019 in Kristiansand. He has also produced a variety of smaller and bigger productions. 

"The theatre boss who attracts the audience" Adresseavisen


We are actors on stage.
We are actors in front of a camera.
We are voice actors in the studio.

We are both trained actors within the Stanislavski system, and Hanne has later immersed herself in the Chubbuck technique.
Earlier in his career, Ketil worked as a dancer in musicals and shows. We have been working as performers both inside and outside the theatre institutions, and both inside and outside the Cultural Rucksack. We have spent our days on tour. 

Both have experience from working in front of cameras, mostly in short movies and commercials. Hanne just starred in the award winning short movie "Broke" by Bjørn Pihlman Sørensen. She has also done the part of Marie Beyer in the NRK/Germanproduced TV-movie about Edvard Grieg (What price immortality?). 

We work as voice actors, with voiceover- and dubbing assignments for Norwegian Sound, Rygh Sound and the national broadcaster NRK.

About our performances in "Peer Gynt", 2000:
"PER-FECT" (…) "Ketil Kolstad shone with all his presence throughout the show" (...) "Hanne Brincker frolics in several characters, the one more extraordinary than the other, and she lives and breaths in them all." Oppland Arbeiderblad