85 Million Narcissists in the World - and Everyone Comes to ME!

A show about the absurd relationship between the narcissist and her co-dependent victim. 

We wish you welcome to this intimate and thought - provoking performance where we confront the narcissists in our lives. Who knows, we might learn something about ourselves on the way.

The performance is based on true life situations. The actors` own personal meetings with narcissists have modeled the the characters and the plot. The result has become both an exciting and surprisingly entertaining theatre experience which invites to a high degree of self recognition. The whole emotional register is awoken if you allow yourself to dance with the narcissist - and don`t think you`ll get away without getting hurt.    

After a successful premiere and tour in Norway, we can`t wait to meet the Swedish audience. And then we of course speak in Swedish!

We also plan on making an English version soon.

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Wednesday November 23 at 6.30 pm:
Halmstads Teater

Friday November 25 at 7 pm:

Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater

Saturday November 26 at 4 pm 

Argus, Falkenberg

Friday and Saturday April 28 & 29, 2023:
Lunds Stadsteater

Premiere and tour in Norway: May 11, 2022 at 7 pm, Energimølla, Kongsberg, May 12 at 7 pm, Glasslåven, Gran, May 14 at 6 pm, Vega Scene, Oslo, May 15 at 2 pm Fredrikstad Litteraturhus

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The term narcissism comes from Narkissos in Greek mythology, the beautiful youth who was destined to fall in love with his own reflection.

«It sounds like any actor. It sounds like me...

Every human can possess certain narcissistic traits, in most cases it`s beneficial both for your health and your self esteem.

But when the narcissism turns into something manipulative and controlling, it can be destructive. We meet narcissists at work, among our friends and in our families. Despite the narcissist`s reputation as "shallow", the psychological problems are deep rooted. There are several types of narcissists, but they all share a need to control their surroundings. The narcissist has many different strategies to achieve this.  

The magazine Norsk Ukeblad made an article about the performance and about narcissism in July 2022.
The magazine Norsk Ukeblad made an article about the performance and about narcissism in July 2022.

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We want to highlight how the increasing narcissism in our time is a challenge not only on a personal level, but also for the entire society. The narcissist steals time, resources and focus in everything from family life and professional life, in child care and the justice system. The narcissist finds conflicts nurturing.   

I work with five different projects right now, but one of them consumes 80 % of my time. Not because the work is more demanding, but beacuse I have to deal with this one person I`m collaborating with. 

After a successful premiere and tour in Norway, we`re ready for the Swedish audiences. And we all speak Swedish, of course! 

In connection with our Swedish tour, we`d like to m ake a special offer to Theatre clubs in Skåne April 14-30 2023. Book your show today!